Pryme Mobility offers a wide range of services and support with respect to your expat population or others cross-border employees.

We offer amongst others the following services:

Application for the Dutch 30%-ruling

Application for A1-forms and/or Certificates of Coverage

Application for the transition of Dutch wage tax withholding obligation for foreign employers to Dutch group entity

Preparation and filing of Dutch personal income tax returns

Preparation and filing of Dutch preliminary income tax refunds

Notices of appeal against decisions from the Dutch tax authorities

Entrance and exit meetings

Advice on international taxation and international social security regarding international employment

Gross-net and net-gross tax calculations

Application for a so-called Corresponding Approval regarding an international pension scheme

Advice with respect to international pension schemes and pension build up regarding international employees

Support for the Dutch wage tax administration and HR department

Payroll Services

Immigration Services

Relocation services by PAS BMS